Segnalazione volume: “Cultural Sustainability and Regional Development”, a cura di Dessein, Battaglini, Horlings

9781138830080Segnaliamo il volume Cultural Sustainability and Regional Development: Theories and practices of territorialisation, a cura di Joost Dessein, Elena Battaglini, Lummina Horlings, pubblicato da Routledge.



This book launches the concept of ‘territorialisation’ by exploring how the natural environment and culture are constitutive of each other. This concept allows us to study the characterisation of the natural assets of a place, the means by which the natural environment and culture interact, and how communities assign meaning to local assets, add functions and ascribe rules of how to use space. By highlighting the time-space dimension in the use and consumption of resources, territorialisation helps to frame the concept and grasp the meaning of sustainable regional development. Drawing on an international range of case studies, the book addresses both conceptual issues and practical applications of ‘territorialisation’ in a range of contexts, forms, and scales.

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