Neri, “Questioni di giustizia”

Segnaliamo il volume di nuova pubblicazione, Questioni di giustizia, a cura di Massimo Neri, edito da Tao Digital Library.

Abstract. This book collects contributions on questions of justice. It proposes a reflection on justice observed from different disciplinary perspectives (organization, philosophy, labor law, economics, work psychology) concerning the basic assumptions underlying the research approaches on this topic. Then, the book considers justice in relation to different issues that are widely debated in the social arena (corporate governance, organizational design, well-being, digitalization of work processes, smart working). A critical point of view on the different positions is adopted. We believe that recognizing the specificities of single disciplines and their defining and applicative problems is a fundamental premise in order to face the new challenges that a subject as ancient as justice seems to bring to the forefront of today’s society.

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