XX World Congress of Sociology – Call for papers: session “Economic Sociology of Craftsmanship”

Nell’ambito del XX ISA World Congress (Melbourne, 25 giugno – 01 luglio 2023), si segnala la call for papers della sessione Economic Sociology of Craftsmanship organizzata da Andrey Sgorla (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul).

Craftsmanship has received attention from academic production in several dimensions (the materials used, manual work, skills, material culture) and also in the notion of authenticity as a valued quality in contemporary culture, and enchantment with the process of making. The revaluation of the artisan, of the relationship between thinking and doing, of the condition of artist-author, is inscribed in a new sociocultural current, in which values such as autonomy, improvisation, creativity, competence, expressiveness, playfulness, and a sense of pride in their work are highlighted. The “artisanal” manufacturing companies that have emerged recently all over the world, and in different sectors, are small businesses and have several attributes. They respect artisanal products and all the subtle variations they contain. They promote a strong sense of locality in terms of where they source their ingredients, the regions where they sell their products, and/or how they use place as the basis of their brand identity. Perhaps most importantly, they create and promote a sense of authenticity, or the idea of a product full of integrity, truth, and realism as markers of its quality. And a product can be authentic because it is handmade and comes from a unique place. In this session we intend to explore how the notion of authenticity is related to the social construction of quality, belonging to the place of production, cooperation between craft enterprises, sustainability, responsible consumption, the construction of new craft professionals, craft entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation as key elements in the development of craft markets.

La scadenza per la presentazione degli abstract è il 30 settembre 2022 alle ore 24:00 GMT. Gli abstract dovranno essere caricati accedendo a questa pagina.

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