Sessione 19 – Inequalities in Education: Academic Achievement, Schools’ Organisations and Actors, Labor Market Returns

Coordinatori: Gianluca Argentin – University of Milan Bicocca ; Patrizia Falzetti – INVALSI ; Giampiero Passaretta – European University Institute ; Emmanuele Pavolini – University of Macerata ; Moris Triventi – University of Trento 

Sociology has been investigating two sets of strong associations for decades: the ones between individual circumstances (e.g. social background, gender, migration status) and children’s cognitive skills/academic achievement, and the ones between the education credentials and labour market attainment. An additional strand of research focused on the institutional features possibly affecting inequalities in students’ achievement and subsequently in the labour market returns. More recently, a surge of studies emphasised the role of teachers, schools’ organisation, and daily practices in education in the reproduction of social inequalities. This call focuses on the interaction between all these factors in determining the reproduction of inequalities and the connections between the underlying micro and macro processes. How do these factors contribute to inequalities in educational achievement and the labour market returns? How are these associations changing in response to institutional shifts and technological change? Can the empirical evidence help to design policies aimed at reducing inequalities? The session invites empirical contributions and the discussion of theoretical and methodological approaches for the description and the explanation of the patterns of inequalities in educational achievement and returns to education at different levels. Proposals stressing the policy implications of the findings are particularly welcome.

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