Sessione 23 – Academic careers and asymmetries in a changing system

Coordinatori: ALESSANDRA MINELLO, University of Padova BARBARA POGGIO, University of Trento AGNESE VITALI, University of Trento

In the last years a growing body of research has focused on gender asymmetries in academic careers. More recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the existing imbalance between women – especially mothers – and men. Yet, we know little about the experiences of fathers. Studies from different disciplinary lenses have also highlighted how academic careers are characterized by different trajectories according to family condition, parenthood, field of study, organizational context, and national regulation. Moreover, the research has considered the implications of several phenomena, at micro, meso and macro level. Among them, the affirmation of the neoliberal agenda, which has contributed to introduce a new managerial culture based on accountability and hyper-productivity, and the increasing differentiation among opportunities and trajectories in STEM and SSH sectors. Furthermore, other studies have shed light on how academic careers can be affected by the experience and timing of key life-course events, from partnership and fertility histories to illnesses, in the context of the rising complexity and de-standardization of individual life courses.

In this session, we welcome theoretical and/or empirical, quantitative and/or qualitative contributions, either in English or Italian, that examine multiple asymmetries in academic careers.

Any of the following, or related, themes are welcome:

  • Gender asymmetries in recruitment and career advancement procedures
  • Academic careers and family-related events
  • Parenthood and academic careers
  • Experiences, results and resistances in the development of gender equality policies
  • The impact of supranational and national regulation on gender equality in academia
  • Differences in career paths among countries, and the impact of different labour policies and welfare regimes
  • Gender differences and commonalities between careers in STEM and SSH disciplines
  • The intersections between gender and other dimensions (as race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, class, age) and related processes of disadvantage in the construction of career paths
  • Impact of Covid-19 on careers and differences in terms of gender, class, disciplines and family composition

Contatti coordinatori: Barbara Poggio (; Alessandra Minello (; Agnese Vitali (

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