20th STOREP Annual Conference | Rethinking economic policies: The role of the State in the post-Covid-19

The 20th STOREP Conference, “Rethinking economic policies: The role of the State in the post-Covid-19” will be held at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, Department of Political Sciences, June 15-17, 2023. The Conference will be preceded by the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) pre-conference events (June 14-15, 2023).

Both the Covid-19 pandemic started in early 2020 and the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022 have represented unprecedented shocks for the world economy, exacerbating pre-existing inequalities and socio-economic crises inherited from the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath. Tackling the Covid-19 crisis and the bottlenecks caused by the war have thus presented a grand challenge to many governments and international institutions.

STOREP 2023 Annual Conference aims to catalyse a national and international debate on how the role of the State and policy-making institutions needs to be rethought to tackle current societal challenges by promoting a pluralist discussion, through historical multidisciplinary perspectives.

The Conference welcomes historical, theoretical and empirical sessions and research papers addressing how public policies and interventions can successfully ensure sustainable and inclusive economic growth, hence promoting innovation and reducing inequalities. Particularly, it is eager to include studies on the impact of the Covid-19 and the related policies, with a special focus on youths, women, and ethnic minorities. To this aim, the conference goal is to bring together scholars and leading experts belonging to different fields of the social sciences domain – such as economics and history of economic thought, economic history, sociology, law, demography, and geography – and from all over the world. Scholars from the Global South are especially encouraged to submit proposals and take part in the Conference.

Proposals of papers adopting historical, theoretical, and empirical perspectives (both quantitative and qualitative analyses) and/or comparing different approaches to economic issues are more than welcome.

“Guest Discipline”: Sociology

Economics’ increasing variety and fragmentation are also the product of “reverse imperialisms” by former victims of the dismal science’s expansionism. The mainstream of economics is in fact currently populated by a series of research programs that significantly deviate from the neoclassical core and have their origins in other social science disciplines.

Starting from 2023, STOREP invites scholars from a neighboring discipline to discuss this latter’s relationships with economics in a historical perspective, including the impact it currently has on economics itself, as well as the contribution it can make to creating a new transdisciplinary behavioral science in the future.

To foster dialogue and mutual contamination between social science disciplines, the STOREP 2023 Conference welcomes abstract and session proposals from sociologists. The exchange between economics and sociology can be particularly fruitful since the two disciplines often focus on the same research object and exhibit similar analytical aspects. While maintaining their own distinctive disciplinary approach, both disciplines – and, on the side of sociology, especially economic sociology – concentrate on the principles that govern economic behavior, the relationship between the State and the market in the allocation of resources, as well as on socio-economic inequalities.

STOREP 2023 welcomes abstract and session proposals from Sociology and Economic sociology. Abstract proposals should be no more than 400 words and include keywords, JEL codes, and affiliation. Session proposals should include abstracts of the three/four scheduled papers. Please send proposals to both segretario@storep.org and joselle.dagnes@unito.it – Joselle Dagnes (Università di Torino) has kindly offered to help STOREP gather submissions from sociologists and economic sociologists to be eventually presented at the Conference. In order to ensure meaningful dialogue and positive feedback, we require that sociologists participating in the conference act as discussants of accepted papers in economics, and their own papers to be discussed by economists. The deadline for abstract/session submissions is April 3, 2023.


March 13, 2023: Abstracts and Sessions submission must be uploaded here

April 17, 2023: Notification of accepted and rejected abstracts and sessions

May 19, 2023: Deadline for submitting full papers and for becoming Members

By May 19, 2023: Early registration fee

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